“ARC” Adjustment Guide



ARC Metric – Quick Adjustable Guide

The ARC is the worlds’ first fully adjustable Shaft Grounding Ring, these instructions are designed to make adjustment easy and fast, even for a novice.
The goal when adjusting the ARC Earthrings, is to make sure that all the “Highly Conductive Fibre Holders” are equally centralized and are all 1mm away from the shaft surface, therefore each aluminium Brush Holder (not the fibre) has a 1mm gap from the shaft.
To make life easier we have made sure that there is a 0.5mm to 1mm tolerance on each Highly Conductive Fibre Holder, so even if you are not perfect or if you are finding it difficult to obtain an odd number setting (such as 21mm) and can’t seem to get that perfect it is okay, DON’T STRESS you can be up to 1mm off on your adjustment of the Highly Conductive Fibre Holders and the fibres will still make contact with the shaft perfectly.


1. Measure the Shaft Diameter and choose the correct size “ARC Earthring” to fit your size of shaft diameter (e.g. for 90mm shaft diameter you would choose the “ARC 80 to 100mm”). Then check the “ARC Chart” of that size ARC Earthring in Imperial or Metric sizes, choose a size 2mm* larger than your shaft size (e.g. if your shaft is measured at 90mm you would choose 92mm) and see the corresponding “ARC LINE” number on that chart, record this number, or the closest number to it.
2. *This 2mm addition (to the shaft diameter you measured) ensures there will be a 1mm gap between all the aluminium brush holders and the rotating shaft, at the end of these instructions.


At the back of the “ARC” ring you will see the “ARC LINES” numbered 1 to 15, your goal is to move the line on the Hexagonal counter sunk screw to the correct “ARC line” number (the number you previously recorded from the ARC LINE CHART), or as close to that number as possible. (Don’t worry, you will fine tune later with a Vernier)


Insert the Allan key into the counter sunk screw, loosen and ensure the Line on the screw is horizontal with the 1 to 15 lines on the back, then use the Allan key as a lever to move the screw up or down until the horizontal line on the screw is in line with the number you want. Do this with all the “Highly Conductive fibre holders”.


From the front all the “Highly Conductive Fibres Holders” should look even and circular.


Using a Vernier measure all the “Highly Conductive Fibre Holders” diagonally opposite one another, it should measure a diameter of approximately 2mm larger than the shaft size. (e.g. for a 90mm shaft size you should measure close to 92mm diameter for each set of holders).


Using a “Feeler Gauge” to check the gap between each of the “Highly conductive fibre holders” and the shaft, a gap anywhere from 0,7mm to 1,3mm is acceptable.

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