ARC Fully Adjustable Shaft Grounding EARTHRINGS designed to protect electric motors from bearing fluting caused by electrical discharge voltages produced by modern day variable voltage – variable frequency – variable speed drive systems


Shaft Grounding EARTHRINGS protecting electric motor bearings via diverting damaging shaft voltages to the motor frame, preventing bearing fluting


Shaft Voltages Destroy Bearings – EARTHRINGS protect motor bearings.

Don’t Delay – Protect your motors today…


Bearing Fluting damage caused by capacitive shaft voltage discharge via inner to outer bearing race via bearing grease. Shaft voltages produced by Variable Voltage Variable Speed drives systems degradates bearing grease over time resulting in a low resistance path for damaging shaft voltages leading to bearing damage. EARTHRING shaft grounding rings are designed to divert damaging shaft voltages to the motor frame via highly conductive and gold brush clusters, protecting motor bearings.


“ARC” EARTHRING Advantages

•Technically differentiated product which fulfills the requirements of existing and future maintenance personnel

•Gold and Highly Conductive microfibre clusters standard on ARC Range

•Allows the ability for repair shops to provide rapid service to customers with a fully adjustable product – 7 Sizes cover most shaft requirements

•Available for shaft dimensions LV (low Voltage – under 375Kw – 600V) from 20mm through to 150mm. Each ring has a 20mm Adjustable range

•Solid & Split versions available

•ALL Mounting hardware brackets included

•HV (High Voltage  – above 375Kw – 600v) also available in Solid & Split versions

•Designed for external motor mounting “ARC” EARTHRING product will be stocked locally for immediate delivery


Shaft Voltages left unaddressed lead to motor bearing failures. It is not uncommon to see values in the region of 25v-30v Pk to Pk on an unprotected motor.

EARTHRINGS Protect electric motor bearings by providing a highly conductive path to earth, ensuring that damaging capacitive discharge voltages are diverted away from motor bearings.


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